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    northairva hat kostenlosen Webspace.


    auf meiner Homepage versuche ich ja eine virtuelle Airline zu bieten.

    So was mir noch nicht so gefällt, ist das ich keine Ahnung habe, wie ich denn die PHP sache von FSPassengers in meine Seite Statistiken einbauen kann, kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen?

    Hier ist der Link zu Passengers

    und ich würde nun gerne, dass ich einen Flug über FS Passengers buchen kann, das er dann direkt auf meiner Page im Statistiken Bereich angezeigt und eingetragen ist. Wie hier:

    Hat das schonmal jemand gemacht? Hat jemand Lust sich an diesem Problem zu versuchen?

    Wenn man dann dieses Skript geladen hat, welches unter dem ersten Link zu finden ist, gibt es eine Readme Datei die besagt:

    Those script remain very basic and simple so it\'s
    not a pain to tune them to fit your Va need, the
    drawback it that ... they are simple.


    Copying file:

    unzip this archive and copy all the file in your WWW directory
    either online or on localhost (using PHPDEV for example)
    You can copy them on a subdirectory (example: \"vaFsP\" or \"va\")

    Take care about the case, many site accept only link with the correct

    ie: \"http://mysite.com/VA/FsPgetflight.php\" not egal to

    creating a SQL DB:
    If you don\'t want to use an existing sql base create a DB
    with any name as FsP or VaFsP for example.

    Creating table managing the settings:
    Now open your browser and browse to the FsPadmin directory
    example: http://localhost/www/FsPadmin/
    online example: http://www.mysite.com/FsPVa/FsPadmin/


    the admin part is self explanatory if you know a bit php/sql
    anyway the admin will control your connection and if there
    is no required table on your SQL db it will create them for you...

    As translating the units is a pain FSP export the
    unit ready with their unit text (ie: \"193 kts\" \"5000 ft\")
    the admin let you choose wich unit you want that FsP export,
    it\'s a good idea to fix that at start and don\'t change after
    to not mix unit in your database.

    The admin let you choose also the welcome message that will
    be displayed to your users in his connect dialog.

    A demo flight database with some flight is available
    in gzip format in FsPadmin folder \"flights_db_example.gz\"
    using PhPMyAdmin you can import it in the flight database
    and have some flight already showed on the flight page.

    FsP must have a config file in is \"FsPassengers/config_va\"
    directory, this file will tell FsP where to connect, the username
    and password of your Va member as well as the name that will appear
    in the \"virtual airline\" menu of FsP.

    So you are responsible to provide this file to any of your members,
    the php admin can be tuned to create this file automatically
    based on user profile.

    See \"config_example1.cfg\" and \"config_example2.cfg\"

    those config file can be any name but must end with \".cfg\"

    here an explaination of CFG parameters:
    \"menu_name=\" the name that will appear in the FsP menu
    \"base_url=\" the base url of your site
    \"path_stats=\" the url to the stats page (to view flight) MINUS the base URL WITHOUT slash at start
    path_export= the url to the get flight script MINUS the base URL WITHOUT slash at start and with the import script name at end.
    \"username=\" username (you must create this user in admin !!! 3 character minimum!!!)
    \"password=\" user password

    A basic script is included FsPListFlight.php, it remain VERY basic
    will give only a rough list of the flight in the database so this
    one has to be tuned... A lot can be done, you can display any value
    you want and forget the others, mix value to give per pilot or user stats,
    overall stats, make query by somes value etc.

    alone, at worse you just need to include header and footer to it...

    if you have a site with the index that include other page you probably
    just need to do something like that in index.php:

    include \"va/FsPlistFlight.php\"

    another style:

    include \"include/header.php\"
    include \"include/FsPlistFlight.php\"
    include \"include/footer.php\"

    or if you want to link directly to the FsPlistFlight.php or your custom script
    you\'ll need probably to include the header and footer.

    Look to the FsP demo page here: http://www.fspassengers.com/?action=va
    to have a view of what can be done (remain basic but a bit better)

    Happy importing !


    Mhh ich hab keine Ahnung was ich nun zu tun habe! Es fängt schon damit an, dass ich nicht weiß was ich nachdem ich eine MySql Sache hier ersteigert habe, zu tun ist.

    Kann mir jemand bitte helfen?

    Momentan füge ich die Statistiken über Excel ein, das ist ziemlich nervig.

    Besteht die Möglichkeit das mir jemand den HTML-Code Text, oder was man sonst so machen kann, hier reinschreibt?

    Ich bitte um eure HILFE

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