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    What is lima-city?

    lima-city is a community which provides webspace for webmasters and other features for free.


    - PHP
    - mySQL
    - unlimited webspace
    - unlimited traffic
    - FTP
    - top level domains (de-Domains for free)

    How to get these features?

    Some features like PHP, FTP (at the moment) and webspace is available without taking any actions. Other features need to be purchased by auction. For these features there are two possibilites to "pay". On the one hand you can pay with real money via paypal for example or other payment methods. On the other hand it is possible to purchase these features by auctions. Therefor you need a virtual currency called "Gulden". You can get these "Gulden" if you write posts or topics in the lima-city community.


    It isn't allowed to write spam topics in the community where you can earn "Gulden". To avoid a spam topic/post you should consider the standard rules of argumentation (argument -> reason ->example).
    Spam topics or posts are only allowed in the category spam.

    For other questions please use the english board to ask in english language.

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