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    Codec, MPC is very good for playing RealMedia files but it is misleading to say that it is "essential." Anyone who doesn't want Yet Another Media Player installed can simply uncheck MPC in Real Alternative's install and play RealMedia in Windows Media Player or any other DirectShow-based player. That's really the MAIN point behind Real Alternative's existence. That's why I think releases like 1.49 are frivolous; nothing has changed except MPC and anyone who wants the absolute latest MPC can update it separately.

    Something I wish the installer would make clearer for newbies: If you choose the option during installation to clear your existing RealPlayer settings from the registry, then you MUST launch the settings dialog at the end (or sometime before you attempt to play RealMedia), even if you don't change any settings from their default values. The defaults don't get into the registry unless you launch the dialog at least once and click OK, and if they don't get into the registry, you aren't going to be playing anything. In principle, this could be considered a bug in Real's components (which Real Alternative is just repackaging) but you can't blame Real because this situation doesn't exist with their installers (and they don't approve of Real Alternative's installer).

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