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Chaos Project - Final Demo; Download des besten, mit dem RPH Maker geschaffene Spiel


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    Backround Story
    First of all: Blizzard is my alias, not my company name! The "company" name, if you will, is StormTronics.

    Little comment to the Enhanced Demo of this game: You think that was awesome?! Try this one!


    "Once long time ago, everything was Chaos
    Then Chaos became order
    And Chaos became life
    After life is gone and order is destroyed
    Chaos shall reign again and forever..."

    This is how everything starts.

    Backround story

    Inside the legendary Tower of Memories, lies the Fire of Life....The eternal force that holds every single parallel universe together...
    An old legend states that if the flame, the Fire of Life burns is to change into a color other than blue (Solar Cry) a horrible fate lies in store for the galaxy.
    Two million years ago, the fire turned red... Nobody knew of this till it was almost too late. The flame changing color would have caused the destruction of all existence, had there not been two mysterious and powerful warriors. Nobody knew where they originated, nor where they were going.
    But this was long ago... These two brave warriors, returned the flame to its original color. It is even said, that they were the reason for the Solar Cry... Thus all memories and records of this event were entirely wiped from existence... This is the reason, why the tower is called Tower of Memories...

    Once again in the present the Solar Cry is about to occur. The consequences are sure to be fatal. However, this Solar Cry is different... The flame became green...
    But because the Solar Cry is so powerful, what could surpass it's power, enough to make it happen? And more importantly...What is yet to happen, now the fire burns green? And so we go to the little planet Terra, where peace reigns... still...

    This is a snipplet from the intro. Of course it is not possible to destroy every existance just by causing a SOlar Cry. There is much more behind this. But the rest of the background story will be revealed during the gameplay.

    The adventure begins

    Jason is 21 years old and a normal young man, who just lives his life. He's going to college and bored, because it seems too easy to him.
    After a little nap and a strange dream he decides to leave the library of his college and go home. He has no idea what is going to happen to him... Suddenly he finds himself in a room, that actually looks like a part of the college, but it is none! Confused about all of this he continues his way through a dark passage. Suddenly he enters a strange hi-tech laboratory. He turns around and can't find the exit anymore.
    Exploring the strange laboratory he gets attacked by machines a few times until he hears a voice shouting for help. Fast he can find a person who is fighting against a strange monster. After a victorious fight he learns the name of the stranger: Endout. But the monster doesn't seem to be beaten! And so they start running for their lives. They run back into the room where Jason entered the old laboratory. Endout activates a machine and both of them jump into it. In the next moment they find themselves in on a little field surrounded with trees in the middle of the night.
    They arrived near the peaceful village Reeva. After finding out about the problems in the village and finding the key to the door that leads them further to the west to another village called Lisk they encounter a man who tells them about his youth. He tells them that they should seek out the spiritual being in the forest further to the west. After finding this spirit and defeating him in a fight he asks them: "Are you ready to follow your fate and fulfill your destiny? If so, go first north, then west. Find Giada castle and find your destiny..."

    Will Jason and Endout continue their journey...? Yes, they will. But... They have no idea what fate has in store for them. They have no idea that they are about to experience the adventure of their lives and find out more about themselves than they ever imagined to. They have no idea what threat lurks in the deep darkness...

    The charakters

    You will get the characters to know during gameplay, too, but I will introduce 3 of them to you who are playable in this demo, so you know what awaits you.


    Race: Human
    Class: Sword Specialist
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Speciality: sarcasm
    Background: One afternoon, as he wants to go home from college, he finds himself in room never seen before... Shortly after that he enters a strange laboratory...
    More background will be revealed later during gameplay.


    Race: Human
    Class: Grappler
    Age: looks like 20~23 (his exact age will be revealed later.)
    Gender: male
    Speciality: martial arts
    Background: Will be found by Jason while fighting against a monster. Together they beat that monster and then...
    More background will be revealed later during gameplay.


    Race: Devil human
    Class: Devil Girl (when you see her, you will know why...)
    Age: looks like 20 (her exact age will be revealed later.)
    Gender: female
    Speciality: dark magic
    Background: As she went out to find some food she will come across some strange ruins she's had never seen before around this area... Suddenly she gets attacked by a furious monster and shortly after that chased by two strangers: Jason and Endout.
    More background will be revealed later during gameplay.

    All the characters will change during gameplay. They won't see things as they did before beginning their adventure. They will become more experiences, they will find their true selves...


    Experience the story of the 4th part of the The Legend of Lexima series made with RPG Maker XP!

    automatic installation of required fonts (now glitchfree!)
    multiple Game Over screens
    multiple battle transition animations
    a lot of background story connecting this part of the "The Legend of Lexima" series with the others
    Advanced BPS v2.0 (Bribing People System) -> you can bribe specific people for valueable information, items, skills, and, and, and...
    Dynamic (!) Day and Night System (DDNS)
    encounter different NPCs during night and different ones during day
    monster behaviour variation during night and day (you will even encounter sleeping enemies!)
    NPC personality - NPCs won't say exact the same stuff all the time
    interactivity with the enviroment (play piano, put fireplaces off, look at pictures etc.)
    easy understandable turn-based fighting system
    Soul Rage and Meta Limit System
    get EXP for every killed enemy; that means you get EXP even if you escape and killed an enemy before
    dynamic EXP distribution; more active actors will get more EXP
    new menu: StormTronics CMS v4.2b - Nemesis Edition DX (with many extras such as window-skin change, font change and battle music change)
    3D Pseudo Battle Camera
    many custom scripted additions to the battle system and the common system of the game
    many original and already well known skills like Death-Roulette, Absorb HP/MP, etc. (many are not available in Final Demo)
    nearly all special custom systems realized with highly optimized scripting instead of laggy Interpreter-in-Interpreter eventing
    100% non-RTP monsters or heavily edited RTP monsters
    the only RTP used: tilesets, animations, sounds, some music, a few battle backgrounds and several NPCs
    over 20 hours of gameplay (over 5 hours in the Final Demo)
    fully in English and fully in German (later versions might come in Spanish etc.) (not available in Final Demo)
    Cross language support - You can load savegames with the other language setting(s) without problems as the language does not depend on the savegame, but on the game itself (already known from many commercial games like Zelda etc.) (not available in Final Demo)
    many new things, add-ons and partially overworked and changed systems since the Enhanced Demo for even more playfun!
    new puzzles, side quests and minigames
    new Experience Distributor NPC (only in Vendetta in the Final Demo)
    And again!, Warrior and Exerion modes can be unlocked by beating the game and the modes themselves (not available in Final Demo)
    completely new intro scene
    completely new game main theme
    completely new shop layout
    completely new save/load screen layout
    completely new Advanced Analyze System
    uses DREAM for Save Files!
    uses scripted savegame update
    optimized basic script-code for less lag
    the RM game with the most custom scripted additions EVER! (and believe me it will stay this way for a long time, maybe forever)
    alpha tested
    beta tested!

    Everything else

    The Final Demo does NOT support savegame update from the Enhanced Demo. Too many changings in the very system of the game made it nearly impossible to perform a bug and glitch free update so this feature has been left out in the Final Demo. Also DREAM makes savegame updates from versions without DREAM impossible. Therefore Final Demo and newer versions do not and will not support savegame updates from Enhanced Demo v1.4b or older, but savegame update from Final Demo will be available.

    That's all. N-Joy! =D



    (about 52MB)



    (every part is about 4,8MB)




    Additional Info

    If you have any problems with puzzles or the game itself, post it here. This game is already known around and has been played by various people, so somebody should be able to help you if not me.
    If you have problems with the font installer, extract the "Backups" file from the fonts folder and manually install the fonts into your %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts folder. %SYSTEMROOT% is usually C:\WINNT or C:\WINDOWS.

    EDIT: There occured a slight problem. A file is missing. Just download the file from the attachment, extract it and put it into the game's folder. Create a new folder "Graphics" and go inside, create another and name it "Characters". Put the file into "Characters". Done.
    (You are free to use this file in your own game. If you do so, give me credit.)

    Ok... CP ist ein mit dem RPG Maker geschaffenes Spiel, es ist nicht von mir, sondern von einem Freund aus Kroatien.
    Ein Download lohnt sich auf jedenfall.

    Um es zum laufen zu bringen das hier nochmal lesen!

    EDIT: There occured a slight problem. A file is missing. Just download the file from the attachment, extract it and put it into the game's folder. Create a new folder "Graphics" and go inside, create another and name it "Characters". Put the file into "Characters". Done.
    (You are free to use this file in your own game. If you do so, give me credit.)

    Das fehlende Bild: http://rmrk.net/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=9341.0;attach=1093
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