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English as Worldlanguage


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    I just wanted to start a Topic about the English Language...

    In this Thread you can discuss about English....
    You know, English is a "World Language"...
    Why? Is it good/bad? Do you speak English? How long and where do you need it? Is it silly / stupid / senseless?
    Is it easier to learn English than German?

    Of course, ich you want to discuss in this Thread do it in English...

    No German iss allowed!!

    (F?r Alle die kein Englisch k?nnen:
    In diesem Thread nur ein Englischer Sprache antworten!!!)

    Now, I want to talk about my opinion:

    I think, English is very important... Not only in Computer-Business, but in this Business you need a lot of English...
    I think its not bad, if you can talk with american- or british people over the Internet (especialy in Computer-Games)...

    Even in Movies, I need a lot of English too, because I love it to watch Movies in their original Language...
    The Voice of the actors is their real Voice an very often, Jokes can't be translated to German... They are not funny in German...

    Now I want to come to the End...
    I think, English is so important, because you can talk to people all over the World... Doesn't Matter, if they are French, Americans, Swiss oder Russian... And, it's easier to learn one language... Otherwise you have to learn all the others...

    What is your opinion about the English Language?

    @ Knights and Mods:

    If you think, this Thread is stupid or senseless, you can take it to "Spam" oder delete it... I hope, you don't do that...

    Beitrag ge?ndert am 15.10 10:07 von schrotti12
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  3. j********7

    I find that French or Spanish is also important like English! In Africa you speak French or Spanish mostly!
    I think English is only important because of the USA.
  4. Great Thread! In one and a half week i have got to write a english test! :lol:
    I think English is not because of America very important!
    England is a reason, too!
    At the moment i'm in the third year of learning English! I think, for the most people this standard of speaking English is ok! You don't need much more!
    By the way, we only have to learn vocabularies now! We have got all the times ready!:thumb:
  5. n****r

    I think that to be able to speak English is quite important, if one desires to become one of them important business men. Besides that I personally like to be able to understand or at least somehow communicate when I visit another country, since I believe that it is quite unfriendly to force someone to speak MY language in his country.
    Concerning the "World language": Spanish and French are used almost as much as English is, especially in Southern American, Central American, African an Southeast Asian countries. And then lets not forget Chinese, which I believe is spoken by about 1.3 billion people.
  6. lordoflima

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    yes i speak english - not very good :biggrin: i never learned the times because i dont want it :biggrin: so i try to get some experience by reading english books and so on - i am too lazy to learn the time, participes and so on - grammar is boring...
  7. yes, the times are boring, were boring, and will ever be boring! :lol:
    I am learning no times anymore, I did learn the times, I had been learning the times, I had learn the times, I won't have to learn them anymore!:xyxthumbs:
  8. Well, being used to both speak and write more than one language, including English, I`d like to guess that "English is the Esperanto that survived".
    Which means: since English language is quite easy in its basic structures there aren`t so many rules to be learned to get an understandable result.
    So English is in fact a language which has proved very fit as an international language.
  9. o**n

    Also Englisch ist zwar die Weltsprache aber die Forums Sprache???
    Also schreibe ich auch deutsch!!!!
    Ich denke mal das spanisch oder franz?sisch zur wltsprache geh?ren sollte, ich hoffe eher spanisch ich kann das n?mlich schon einbi?chen zwar mit einer philippinischen dialekt und andere sachen werden bei uns anders ausgesprochen aber wat sollst!!!
  10. Hey buddie, it's just for fun.
    When it doesn't pleas you, then don't visit this topic.
    You are a little spoilsport...

    I like speaking English, but @ my previous speakers: you shoul look after your spelling, especially the capitalization.

    And I don't think that spanish should be a world language. Who is Spain

    Beitrag ge?ndert am 18.10 03:09 von sebbel
  11. o**n

    im s?den!!!
    Aber spanien hatte fr?her mal die meisten kolonien der welt!!!
    Wenn du mal siehst wo auf der welt spanisch gesprochen wird dann wei?r du bescheid!!!!
    Und au?erdem ist meine Grammatik in Englisch f?rn Arsch genauso im Deutschen
  12. Is see the point with your grammar, but my question, which was an ironic one, was who not where is Spain. And I actually know, that in Latin America and USA spanish is a very common language.
  13. o**n

    Ach ist ja gut mensch ich gebe zu ich verstehe kein Englisch :stupid::stupid::stupid::stupid::stupid::stupid::stupid:

  14. I think French is also as importat as English for us,because France is one of our neighbours.But i think French is more difficult than English
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